3D Basics

Creating a Maya Project

For most artists getting started with Maya creating a project with loads of fancy-pants sub-directories can seem like a drag, when in actuality loosing track of your models, textures, and where your scene has rendered is the real drag.

This quick How-To video demonstrates creating a Maya project and points out how easy it is to save your 3D work when you complete this quick and easy process.

Exporting for Backwards Compatibility

This video demonstrates two methods of creating backwards compatibility for a polygon model created in Maya 2011.

OBJ Export is a simple way to transfer polygon models (only) to earlier versions of Maya or to ZBrush, Mudbox, or a completing 3D application such as 3DSMax. Saving and editing a Maya ASCII format file is a commonly used method for transferring Maya scenes that have more than just polygonal information such as lights, cameras, NURBS surfaces, etc. to older versions of Maya.

Exporting with character rigs, dynamics, or other complex forms of data often require a different method of transfer not covered in this basic tutorial.